Start address board 3006P with LCD Display

Product no.: SL3006P

The start address board 3006P is equipped with a backlight illuminated 2-line LCD display. The start adress board can be used in conjunction with all standard and RDM decoders (unless otherwise indicated), and can be used to program DIN rail modules as well.

All settings are menu driven. Simply turn the encoder to select your option, then click to confirm or to exit. Additional configuration options include DMX HOLD mode, DMX personality, display contrast and backlight intensity. RDM- and Standard-Mode (for use with legacy DMX decoders) can be set at your option. Coloured LEDs indicate DMX status and error conditions.

The 3006P is DMX RDM compatible and can read from RDM decoders.


Specifications DMX start address board 3006P
  • Selection and setting via menu and rotary encoder
  • Power supply: automatically from host
  • Dimensions: 32mm x 100mm


Available versions
  • 3006P: reflective display (standard)
  • 3006PI: back illuminated display (professional)


86,00 EUR

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Start address board 3006P with LCD Display