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DALI 2 DMX Converter, 16 channel

321,30 EUR
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Product no.: SL7064B-H
MPN: 7064B-H
Manufacturer: SOUNDLIGHT
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Products description

Since more and more intelligent DMX controlled fixtures are used in architectural lighting environments, the need for a DALI to DMX converter arises. The 7064B-H simulates 16 DALI driven ballasts and converts the lighting level data into the DMX format to drive the connected fixtures. The 7064B-H supports all DALI specific parameters such as Minum Levels and Maximum Levels, Groups, Scenes, Fade Times and more. The 7064B-H format converter supports both, RGB and RGBW (or RGBA) fixtures.

To operate DMX512 equipment from a DALI bus, a suitable format converter is needed. The 7064A-H occupies a block of 16 DALI addresses and converts the level info directed to these addresses into the DMX format. The converter supports single DALI addresses, DALI groups, broadcast mode, DALI scenes, DALI fades and other DALI format coammands. Thus colour changing equipment, moving lights and similar equipment can easily be integrated in DALI systems. Up to 4 decoders 7064B-H can be operated on 1 DALI bus. The device supports automatic DALI addressing schemes.

Specifications DALI to DMX Converter 7064B-H
  • 16 data slots
  • Input DALI (16 Short addresses pre-defined, re-adressable)
  • DALI address range selectable
  • output DMX512/1990, DIN56930-2, DMX512-A
  • Power supply: 230V AC, approx. 2,4W
  • Dimensions: DIN rail module, 4U width

Important notice: The 7064B-H supports random DALI long addressing, but in order to keep a consistent block of DMX slots the decoder is pre-configured with 16 consecutive DALI short adresses. Thus a DALI controller must be able to read a existing configuration at setup. Most DALI controllers can do so (e.g. Tridonic X-Touch Box, X-Touch Panel, SLH USB-DALI, Zumtobel Emotion Panel etc).

KNX-DALI Gateways can only be used, if they do support reading existing DALI configurations (e.g. Busch-Jaeger 6197/41). Devices only supporting DALI auto-addressing (e.g. ABB DG/S 1-16/1, Siemens) cannot be used. The 7064B-H consists of a LCN compatibility mode and can also be used in conjunctions with LCN-DALI gateways (e.g. LCN-DDR). As setup tools we recommend to use our USB-DALI tool, which comes complete with setup and monitoring software.

Download manual DALI to DMX Converter 7064B-H