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DMX DSI DALI Decoder, 4 channel, RDM

194,10 EUR
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Product no.: SL3804B-H
MPN: 3804B-H
Manufacturer: SOUNDLIGHT
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Products description

The 3804B-H is the successor of the industry standard 3004B-H interface. Using a internal power supply, the interface can directly operate from 230V mains supply, thus there is no need for external power supplies. Additional optical isolation between DMX IN and DSI/DALI outputs provides increased safety and makes the decoder SELV compatible.

The 3804B-H is intended for permanent installations. Thus it does not have any configuration switches. All settings can be programmed using DMX RDM or a standard start address board which are available as a separate accessory.

The 3804B-H supports 2 output protocols: DSI (DSI (Digital Serial Interface) and DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface). The decoder comes preset to DSI and must be reconfigured to DALI if needed. That makes the 3804B-H a versatile tool. The 3804B-H is compatible with the latest DMX RDM standard and can be configured remotely. 

The 3804B-H supports 4 outputs, which can be loaded with up to 8 electronic ballasts max.

Please note, that the 3804B-H does not support the DALI bus structure, but operates in DIRECT DALI Mode. In order to avoid signal delays due the slow speed DALI bus all DALI units are connected directly to their own DALI port. This also avoids the need to commission ballasts, since communication uses broadcast mode. Since the decoder drives the ports directly, no DALI PSU must be attached to the outputs.  If you need to drive a DALI bus system, pls use the decoder 7044B-H instead.


Specifications DMX DSI DALI Decoder 3804B-H
  • 4 channel
  • DMX512/1990, DMX512A, DIN56930-2, DMX RDM
  • 4 outputs DSI, DALI or PWM (configurable)
  • Output level: AUS, 1%…100% dimmbar
  • PWM High-Side Driver (max. 1A), common cathode
  • max. 8 ballasts per output
  • Power supply: 230V AC, approx. 4W or 24V DC, max. 4A
  • Dimensions: DIN rail, 4 units
  • DMX RDM compatible, 4 personalities
  • RDM voltage sensor

You can configure the 3804B-H via DMX RDM. Alternatively, the DMX start address, DMX personality and DMX HOLD mode can be configured using a start address board 3000P, 3003P, 3005P or 3006P. Start address boards can be used for all of our products. Start address boards are not included and must be purchased separately.

Download manual DMX DSI DALI Decoder 3804B-H

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